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Australian Beds

55 Rouse St Port Melbourne | 9646 8600


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Get Fitted. FREE 30 minute sleep test with Dr. Jim

Get Fitted for the right bedding with Dr. Jim

Step A : Right Mattress Firmness
Step B : Right Sleep Posture

5 reasons to choose us Australian Beds | Beds Melbourne for comfort, support and unbeatable prices at australian beds


1. Australia's best selection of ORTHOPAEDIC BEDDING in Australia


2. Multi zoned orthopaedic visco and latex mattresses with no turn technology


3. 10+ year guaranteed wholesale premium bedding starting from $499


4. Fast delivery times with our customised beds


5. No guessing - get fitted obligation free with our Doctor of Chiropractic for the right bed using two specific assessment tools.

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FREE 30 Minute Sleep TEST with our Chiropractic Dr. Remove the guess - get correcly fitted for the right bed

Our boutique showroom is at 55 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne, Melbourne Victoria


Choosing your new mattress from Australian Beds can be one of the most important decisions that positively influence your sleep and wellbeing over the next 10 years of your life.


"The difference with having a sleep test at AustralianBeds.com.au and investing in a mattress from a chiropractor is the confidence you'll have knowing you're mattress will be the right one for your spine and your body - our mattress range is designed and endorsed by chiropractic doctors.

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Exclusive Chiropractic Beds Melbourne Range