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Australian Beds | Beds Australia

We offer mattresses beds australia | australian beds are at a wholesale price. Save up to $2000 on our exclusive Lloyd & Penfield.


Our mattresses use:

Pocket spring systems at the core of the mattress with a choice of single or double pocket spring

(up to 2700 pocket springs in our premium range)


Pocket spring systems benefits you by


    Moulds to your body contours – thus maximising spinal support and alignment.

    Minimising partner disturbance.

    Pocket spring systems are used in the best and most exclusive beds and mattress systems in the world.


Latex or visco elastic or both as the pillow top


Latex benefits

    Conforms to the shape of your body


    Ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers

    Temperature sensitive – helps regulate temperature


Visco – elastic material has been endorsed by NASA for astronauts

    Long lasting dense material


    Reduce pressure points on body

    Conforms to shape of your body (men, women and children)



Wholesale prices for quality orthopedic - chiropractic mattresses start at

    $499 for Single (normally $729)

    $699 for Double (normally $929)

    $799 for Queen (normally $1229)

    $929 for King  (normally $1479)


SAVE UP TO $2000 on our exclusive Chiropractic Mattress 7 Zone, 16 year guaranteed Range